Sunday, 31 July 2016

Free reliance Recharge trick For Unlimited Free internet August 2016

Method  Using Proxy port tricks

Proxy port is best way to Use internet in your mobile phone or Your personal Computer /Desktop/laptop using Dongle.But before Doing anything you have to ensure that you have these 4 basic thing that we have Require to apply Reliance free internet tricks.

Here is the List of all essential things that is Required to Apply this method. Simply What you need to Go online With free Reliance Recharge trick

First you need to a reliance gsm Prepaid Sim card Both worked 2g or 3g.
One android mobile. Preferred latest Version (4.0+).
One Vpn app that works With Smart sim.
Any small data pack.You need the data pack but don’t worry Your data balance wont be Deducted.

Free reliance Recharge Trick to Get unlimited Free Internet In 2g or 3g Speed (Steps)

First get your android Smartphone To try Free reliance Recharge trick .
Download This Vpn App From Google play store.
After the Download don’t Install this app.First make Some settings in you Smartphone.
Go to Settings Click on more button,Then navigate to Mobile networks Finally Find Access Point name option.
Now Make Following Settings in Apn Menu
Profile name : as ur wish

Apn Name : Rcomwap or Rcomnet

Leave other Fields Blank and Save it.Make this Default profile.

Now install Vpn app in your android Smartphone.
Tap on More option In Vpn app.
Make Sure you tick on Connect Through an HTTP Proxy Option.
In Host address Type
Enter – 80 in Port Field.
Now Go back to main Menu And click on Start You will be ready to Enjoy free Internet.
If you Face any Problem in Free reliance Recharge trick To use Unlimited Internet You can mention in Comment Keep Visiting To get latest Tricks.

Bsnl free recharge tricks to use high speed 3g internet in android mobile

Requirement Of use Bsnl 3g Recharge trick for free internet

1.   First and Most Important for Bsnl free online recharge Trick is One BSNL 3g enabled Sim Card.
2.   Also you need to have One android Smartphone.Because this Trick is Working only in Android mobile
3.    You need to maintain Balance less then 1 rs to avoid any Charges Avoid online bsnl Recharge When you try This.
4.     Vpn app Suggested (Open vpn Connect,Featvpn)
5.     Any Small 3g pack Require. Don’t worry Data balance will not be deduct.

Steps to follow

1.    First Unlock your android device go to google play store And search for Openvpn Connect,or Feat vpn android app from Google Play store.
२.   Download & Install it in your android mobile.
3.    Now Go to to mobile setting and navigate to more⇒Mobile network⇒Access point Names, now tap on Menu button And Create new apn.
4.    Do the Following Setup in New apn .
Put  praveeeend in Name field.
5.    Put in apn field.
6.    Put 1 In proxy field.
7.    Put 9209 in port.
8.    Now leave other fields blank ANd set it as defoult.
9.    Now Connect you vpn app & and enjoy 3g internet in your Android Smartphone .
This Free online Recharge Trick is Working fine Till Now in Indore Madhya pradesh. i didn’t check this trick in other city or places yet If you have any difficulty please mention in Comment.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

(Loot Deal) Amazon : Espoir Men’s Watches At 80% Off + Free Shipping (Starting-Rs.199)

Amazon Espoir Men’s Watches :


NOTE : If you are a new user on then create new account from here in order to get free Rs.100 amazon gift card balance after the delivery of the product : Click here

1. Firstly visit the Amazon Exclusive Sale page – Click here

2. Then select the products to buy

3. After that add that product to your cart

4. Then click on Proceed to Checkout option

5. Now Login / Create your account on Amazon

6. After login, Start your 60-day free trial – Amazon Prime

Note : You have to activate Amazon Prime to get free delivery

7. Then enter your address and other details

8. After that continue to payment page

9. Now pay the amount and complete the transaction

10. Your product will deliver soon

11. Enjoy the product 

Domino’s By 1 Get 1 Offer : Buy 1 Pizza Get 1 Pizza Free (NET080 Coupon)

NET080 Coupon : How to Get Buy 1 Pizza Get 1 Pizza Free @ Domino’s

1.   First of all   Visit here   or  Download Domino’s App
2.   Install & Open the Domino’s App.
Login & Signup your account.
3.   Now Add 2 Medium or large pizza to cart and checkout.
4.    Enter your details Name, Email Id, Mobile number & Address.
5.    Now Scroll down and click on “Got a Coupon” option.
6.    Apply Coupon Code → NET080
Once your promo code applied successfully, Then make the payment using Freecharge wallet & Complete the transaction.
That’s it!! Once the Payment has Successful then you will be Receive 20% (Max.100) Extra cashback in Your Freecharge wallet within 24 hours.

So Enjoy this By 1 Pizza Get 1 Pizza Free Offer + Rs 100 Extra cashback on Your Freecharge wallet 

Thursday, 28 July 2016

*Tricks*How To Play Pokemon GO in India? + Tips & Tricks

Pokemon GO

Travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokémon with Pokémon go for iPhone and android devices. With Pokémon GO, you’ll discover Pokémon during a whole new world—your own! Pokémon GO is constructed on Niantic’s real world gaming Platform and can use real locations to encourage players to look far and wide in the real world to find Pokémon. Pokémon GO permits you to seek out and catch over 100 species of Pokémon as you explore your surroundings.

The Pokémon computer game series has used real-world locations like the hokkaido and Kanto regions of Japan, New York, and Paris as inspiration for the fantasy settings during which its games occur. In Pokémon GO, the real world are going to be the setting!

Get on your feet and step outside to seek out and catch wild Pokémon. Explore cities and towns around where you reside and even round the globe to capture as many Pokémon as you’ll be able to. As you progress around, your smartphone will vibrate to allow you to know you are close to a Pokémon. Once you have encountered a Pokémon, direct on your smartphone’s touch screen and throw a Poké Ball to catch it. be careful once you attempt to catch it, or it might run away! additionally seek for PokéStops set at attention-grabbing places, like public art installations, historical markers, and monuments, wherever you’ll be able to collect additional Poké Balls and alternative items.

How to Download Pokemon GO in India?

NIantic and The Pokemon Company has not yet revealed when they will release the game in other regions. If you’ve an Android device running android 4.4 and up, you don’t need to worry. You don’t have to wait for Niantic and The Pokemon Company to release the game in India. The game is available in USA, New Zealand and Australia. But, you can download the game’s apk file and play Pokemon GO in India. One can install Pokemon GO in his android device and play it officially. The most viral game right now can be played without much efforts.

Steps to Install Pokemon GO
Download Pokemon GO apk from Here
Open your file manager, browse to the download location and install Pokemon GO.
Allow installation of applications from unknown sources, if prompted.
Once, the game is up and running, make a new account with Google+. Make sure that GPS and wifi/mobile data is turned on.
Start your Pokemon Hunt

Pokemon GO : Tips & Tricks

Once you’ve Pokemon GO up and running, you will find most of your time being spent in catcing pokemons. Pokemons are found everywhere, from city to forests. But, the best pokemons are not always found where you’d expect them. After playing the game for a while, you will get to know some tips and tricks. And like most of us, you’d wanted to know them when you started the game. Most of these are tips and tricks you should not before beginning the game. And others will help you learn things a lot faster. Because, the truth be told, Pokemon GO is prett vague and has not explained almost anything clearly.

Here are the Tips & Tricks which one should know before they start Pokemon GO:

1. How to select Pikachu as your Starter

Right at the beginning of the game, the Professor will ask you to choose one pokemon between Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Pick none of them. Rather, physically run away from them. They will try to follow you. Run until your phone vibrates and you’re prompted again to catch one of them. Run away until you get another prompt. Repeat the steps five times. BOOM! Pikachu will appear and you’ll be able to catch him as your starter.

2. How to capture wild Pokemons

Rustling leaves are used to show where wild Pokémon could be lurking. Once you’re trying to capture one though, the game will shift and use your smartphone camera to show the creature in augmented reality. The white ring surrounding the beastie will change depending on how likely you are to capture it – smaller is better. When it turns to green, then it’s time to throw your ball.

3. How to get free Pokeballs

Once you’re into this game, you’ll soon use up all your Pokeballs. Pokeballs are used to store the Pokemons you catch. If you can’t catch Pokemons in one shot, you’ll get short of Pokeballs very soon. Even if you’re good, you’ll still need a large amount of pokeballs to catch the vast number of pokemons in the game. To get more pokeballs, you can buy them from the store with real money. You’ll get a bunch of pokebals once you reach a next level. The best way to get pokeballs is from PokeStops. PokeStops are locations based on various landmarks, monuments, religious places, metro stations and so on. You’ll find these PokeStops by the blue squares that fill your Pokemon Go maps. When you get close enough, you just spin the icon and various items will appear.

4. Battery Usage

Pokemon GO uses various phone’s features to make the game work properly. It’s constantly using data connection to add pokemons in your map and to sync the progress with the server. Location is tracked by GPS. The game uses gyroscope and accelerometer to track the moments of the device. If you use Augment Reality, camera will also be used. As a result, the game’s going to heavily drain the battery of your smartphone.

Thankfully, both the Android and IOS versions of the game has inbuilt battery saver. You can enable it from settings to save your battery.

5. Try Parking Lots!

For some reasons, the probability of finding pokemons in Parking Lots is pretty high. I don’t know why, but pokemons seem to love Parking Lots, especially if they’re near PokeStops.

6. Turn off Augment Reality

Even though, AR looks cool with pokemons spawning around you. It is not so cool. It makes catching pokemons much more difficult. Not to mention, the battery drain it causes. To turn off Augment Reality, switch off AR while catching a pokemon. You can always turn it back on when you wish to.

7. Recover thrown Pokeballs

If you accidentally throw a ball at the grass away from the pokemon, don’t worry you can hopefully still revive it. Tap the thrown ball to try to get it back to your backpack. This trick seems to work almost all the time. Still, tap on your own risks. I will not be responsible for any nuclear wars!

8. If the game crashes, do not worry

Pokemon GO is getting so much popular day by day that Niantic’s servers are frequently overloaded. The game can crash or hang up after you catch the pokemon, leaving it in motionless state. But don’t worry, simply remove the game from recents menu and relaunch it. You’ll either have automatically caught the Pokemon, or it will still be spawned.

9. How to track nearby Pokemons

The graphic within the bottom right space of the screen indicates a number of Pokemon nearby, with the quantity of footsteps indicative of how far they’re from you. to trace a Pokemon, tap the bar to bring up the complete list, choose a particular Pokemon to focus on it, and then start walking. The footsteps will either decrease, or increase until the Pokemon disappears fully. If the quantity of steps decreases, it suggests that the Pokemon is getting closer. This technique can be used to track a Pokemon till it appears.

If you go into a direction and more steps appear, try turning around and walking in another direction till the Pokemon gets closer. once the Pokemon is all the way down to zero steps, it suggests that it is very close to you! simply choose it, and wait a couple of seconds for it to appear. you may additionally notice pulses that emit as you explore the map. They indicate when major changes have occurred within the availability of the area’s Pokemon.

10. Transfer same Pokemons!

While it would not appear like it initially, having duplicate Pokemon will really assist you. extra Pokemon of the same kind can be traded to professor Willow for candy, which may be used to evolve your Pokemon. To do this, tap a Pokemon that you just need to get rid of in the Pokemon screen and hit ‘Transfer’ option at the bottom of the screen. Be wary; confir

FreeCharge Promo Code For All Users & Cashback Offers July 2016

FreeCharge – Get Rs. 50 cashback on recharge of Rs. 50 (New Users)

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FreeCharge – Get flat Rs 100 Cashback on Bill Payment of Rs.500 or more.

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ICICI Pockets – Get Rs 20 Cashback on First Mobile Recharge of Rs 100 More

How to Get Rs 20 Cashback on First Mobile Recharge of Rs 100 More @ ICICI Pockets

1. Firstly you have download the ICICI         Pockets Android App version 4.1
2. Login to your Pockets wallet & Click on ‘More’ option.
3. Now Click on ‘Mobile Recharge’ & Enter the mobile number, select operator and click on ‘Next’.
4.  Enter the recharge amount.
Apply the promocode ‘POCKPMR100’ & Click on Proceed to pay.
5.  Pay the amount using your suitable mode.

That’s it!! Your Cashback will be credited in your Pockets wallet within 24 hours.

BSNL Student Plan 1GB 3G internet data at Rs. 118 for 30 days

Some time ago Bhartiya Sanchar nigam limited launch a special data pack BSNL student plan , in this internet offer the new Customers can get 1 GB 3g data at rs 118 for 30 day. Its 100% works all over India in all States , if you want to know how to activate it easily then just read this post

Steps to Activate Bsnl Student plan at Rs 118 for 1gb 3g data.

As i mention before its not fore Existing customers , the offer is applicable for only for purchasing a new BSNL student smart Sim card under .
This is available at your Nearest retailer , Just ask for it & complete the process of buying.
Once you purchase sim card Then Initiate the First recharge Coupon plan Voucher of 118 Rupees from Retailer.
That’s it you will get the all benefit once you complete the all process step by step.

Internet data will be valid for 30 days & the tariff that you will get will be Valid till 90 Days after the activation of new sim card.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Working Aircel Free Internet Trick For Android Users July 2016

What you should need for aircel Free internet on your android device? Requirements: Aircel FINCH VPN free Internet Trick.

** Activate 3G on your aircel sim. You can activate 3g by sending a message 'START3G' to '121'
** make sure that your main account balance is zero. Also No need of any data pack.
Note: First try without datapack. if there is any isssues like speed capping then use with datapack.
** Use device default APN has follows
APN: aircelgprs or aircelwap

This all you need before setting up aircel free internet Finch VPN trick. Now check the steps.

STEPS - How to get FREE Internet on Arcel Sim using Finch VPN android app July 2016

1. Use apn: aircelgprs or aircelwap
2. Now download Finch VPN apk file for android
3. Then Open Finch VPN app on your android.
After goto Finch VPN menu>> Account/Login>> Then register/make an account
Now, Enter your details there. and submit. So you are created finch vpn free account now.


You can also create account by going to page.

4. Login to your finch vpn account on app.
5. Now on Finch VPN, give tick on local port binding and enter values as 59611 (or) 59613
6. Then at home tab, Select UDP port and enter port value as: 4343
7. You are done. Now hit connect button. You will be connected to internet. Now enjoy free internet with aircel on android device.

Note - This trick only working in some states. try it on your state and comment your results on blog comment section. thanks for reading.

Also check the below aircel free internet your freedom app trick

Aircel Free Internet For Android Using Your Freedom App July 2016
Hi guys, after a long interval we back with a new free internet trick for aircel network. Aircel is one of the top Indian cellular network. Aircel is famous for internet packs, they have variety of  internet data packs and also their internet speed too awesome.  Just like all other networks, their data packs are too very costly. For a normal customer in India, this rates are very heavy. But provides you free internet tricks for. So you can use internet free of cost with these tricks. we are already shared many trick for various netwoks. if you are an aircel user, you can check some other tricks like - " Aircel Free Internet Trick using UDP protocol" and "Aircel free 3g trick with VPN " etc.

In this article we are sharing one another free internet trick for aircel users. This trick is working with Your Freedom app. Since Your Freedom app is an android application, this aircel free internet tricks woks only for android users. So if you are an android aircel user, then don't miss this. this is the right place to get complete info about aircel free internet trick.
Just follow below steps and enjoy high- speed internet free on your aircel sim.... :)
Working Free Internet Trick For Android Aircel Users - July 2016 - Unlimited trick also added
You are at - Aircel Free 2g/3g data trick using Your Freedom app

Steps - how to setup free internet on android your freedom app for aircel free internet July 2016
1. First Create an account on your freedom platform - click here
2. Then download your-freedom.apk for android
2. Use default aircel internet settings
3.  Now open your-freedom  app and configure it as follows
Your freedom app>> configure : connection
set Your freedom server-
select Tweaks- India Bharati
set Connection mode- DNS
enter Port- 53 (or) 443
4. Now  start connection your-freedom app. and enjoy free internet on your aircel sim with high-speed

Note - Your-Freedom app has 1 hour usage limit.

Unlimited Trick : Unlimited Aircel Free internet with your-freedom app
>> Use donkey guard on android and change device id, user id/android id for your-freedom app
>> create many fake acounts in your freedom platform

Now login with different accounts and change los with donkey guard [ as told above] after each 1 hour.

I hope you got the unlimited trick too. the idea is simple.

I hope you enjoyed read

Smartapp – Get 10% Cashback on Recharge & Bill Payments

Steps :-
  1. Firstly of all Download the Smartapp 
  2. Now install & open the smartapp.
  3. Enter your mobile number & verify it.
  4. Login your account on smartapp.
  5. After login >> Go to Menue & Click on “Get Free Recharge” Option.
  6. Enter Coupon Code :- PRAVEENS9A to get additional 10% off coupon to use it on app.
  7. Now Initiate a Recharge or Bill payment of Rs 100 or more
  8. Make the payment using any of the payment mode available on app & Complete the transaction.
That’s it!! Once the Payment has Successful then you Will be Receive 10% cashback in your smartapp wallet.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Get free Rs 50 on freecharge

How to get free Rs 50 on freecharge

1. First of all download freecharge app from play store
2. Now open the and select mobile Recharge option
3. Then fill up mobile no.  and select operator, circle etc.
4. After all provide amount and choice payment option
5. Now fill the promo code  RQAKQRO
6. Then payment


1. This code is valid for freecharge new user
2. This code is working on app and web

Enjoy this offer 😎😎

Sunday, 24 July 2016

A to Z Paytm Wallet Offers, Paytm Add Money Offers July 2016

  • Monday to Sunday Paytm Wallet Offers :-
The offer is valid for all Old & New users of Paytm –
  • BSNL Monday Offer :- Pay with Paytm Wallet & You will Get Rs. 10 Cashback on Prepaid Recharge and Bill Payment of Rs 400 and above.T&C Apply.
Apply Promo Code :- BSNL400

  • MTS Tuesday Offer :- Pay with Paytm Wallet & You will Get Rs. 10 Cashback on Prepaid Recharge and Bill Payment of Rs 400 and above.T&C Apply.
Apply Promo Code :- MTS400

  • Reliance Wednesday Offer :- Pay with Paytm Wallet & You will Get Rs. 10 Cashback on Prepaid Recharge and Bill Payment of Rs 400 and above.T&C Apply.
Apply Promo Code :- RELIANCE400

  • Vodafone Thursday Offer :- Pay with Paytm Wallet & You will Get Rs. 10 Cashback on Prepaid Recharge and Bill Payment of Rs 400 and above.T&C Apply.
Apply Promo Code :- VODA400

  • Aircel Friday Offer :- Pay with Paytm Wallet & Get Rs. 10 Cashback on Prepaid Recharge and Bill Payment of Rs 400 and above.
Apply Promo Code :- AIRCEL40

  • Tata Saturday Offer :- Pay with Paytm Wallet & Get Rs. 10 Cashback on Prepaid Recharge and Bill Payment of Rs 400 and above.T&C Apply.
Apply Promo Code :- TATA400

  • MTNL Sunday Offer :-Pay with Paytm Wallet & Get Rs. 10 Cashback on Prepaid Recharge and Bill Payment of Rs 400 and above.T&C Apply.
Apply Promo Code :- MTNL400

Term & Conditions of Paytm Wallet Monday To Sunday Offers :-
  1. Promocode can be used 5 times by users.
  2. A number can be recharged only 5 times using this campaign.
  3. Cash back will be credited within 24 hours of the transaction into the user’s Paytm Account.
  4. Promocode is valid only for selected users.
  5. Promocode is not valid on payments made through credit card.
  6. We reserve the right to end any or all offers at our discretion without any prior notice.

  • Paytm – Get Rs 5 Cashback on Your 2nd Recharge of Rs 10 or more
Paytm VIP Promocode Offer :- Get Rs 5 cashback on your 2nd recharge of Rs 10 or more.Offer valid only 10 times per recharge number & Offer is valid only on 2nd recharge/bill payment transaction of the day. Continue Reading →

  •  Paytm Wallet Offers :-
  • Paytm – Get upto Rs. 300 Cashback on Recharge & Bill payments
Apply This Promo Code :- GRAB300 to get cashback
  1. Get flat 1%  up to Rs. 300
  2. A Promocode can be used 5 times per user per number.
  3. Offer is valid on Mobile Prepaid, Mobile Postpaid, DTH, Datacard Recharge, Landline transactions.
  4. Cashback will be credited within 24 hours of the transaction into user’s Paytm Account.
  5. Visit Paytm Offer Page Click Here.
  6. This offer is valid on Web & App.
  7. Offer is not applicable in Airtel Transactions & not valid on payments made through credit card.
  8. This offer is valid only for selected users.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Working Airtel Free 3G Internet Trick For Android with HammerVPN [July 2016]


Hammer vpn 'waiting for server reply; error' solved by this trick.
1. Download hammer VPN :Now download hammer vpn from this link or [link2] or go to Playstore and download Hammer VPN
2. make sure that you are using '' as default APN in your mobile
3. Open hammer vpn on your android device
4. select free server : 24 or 25 or  26 or 27 or 28 [this is very important in this trick]
5. set internet protocol as UDP
6. Enter Rport: 9201 and Lport:0
7. Hit connect

You will be connected successfully now. if server full message displays try different server [24,25,26,27 or 28].
Now you can enjoy high-speed 3g internet on your android device with this vpn trick.
Thanks to one informed about this trick on our below comment section. hope your support is future too. Confirmed working in kerala. personally tested.

1. First, set as default apn
go to settings>>network settings> access point >> then set '' as default apn
2.  [first try without any data pack at zero balance. if not works then only do this step]
activate any small data pack. [ do recharge of any small twitter pack or facebook pack ]
3. Now download hammer vpn from this link or [link2] or go to Playstore and download Hammer VPN
4. Then install HammerVPN on your android device , Login to Hammer VPN with troid vpn details or use default.
5. select any free server [ free server 1, free server 3 , 5and free server 6 recommended ]
6. Set internet protocol as UDP
7. Set Rport- 9201 and Lport - 0


Rport&lport both = 9201
( working confirmed in Kerala)


Rport as- 4078 and  LPort - 2401 or 9201


>> hammer VPN not connecting/ disconnecting issue due to overuse -working solution
** Solution 1: Turn off your airtel sim for 3 days.  after 3 days again try.
That is, switch off your airtel sim inserted device/ take away the sim from phone. After 3 days again insert the sim and try to use hammer vpn. This is a working solution. Some of users getting disconnection issue solved by doing this.

** Solution 2:  Don't use hammer vpn for 15-25 days. after 15-25 days try hammer again. this works for many users.

>> hammer VPN not connecting/ disconnecting issue - Common solutions
** Try with putting 9201 on both lport and rport
** try with different servers
** try by connecting with 2g network

** Try with any small data packs.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Airtel – Get 5% Cashback on Prepaid Recharge of Rs 100 or More (All Operators)

Prepaid Recharge Offer :- Get 5% Cashback upto Rs 25 on Prepaid Recharge for all operators on the Airtel Money App. The offer valid on a minimum recharge of Rs. 100 or More. Maximum cashback per transaction is Rs. 25. Airtel Money user will get flat 5% additional discount on prepaid recharges,  when the payments are made using the Airtel Money app. How to Get this offer? Just follow the steps :-
How to Get 5% Cashback on Rs 100 or More Prepaid Recharge @ Airtel money Wallet ?
  1. Firstly of all Download the Airtel Money App Here.
  2. Login & Register your account on Money App.
  3. Now Load money in your Money Wallet.
  4. Initiate a Airtel DTH recharge of Rs 250 or more.
  5. Apply Promo Code → PRE100
  6. Pay the amount using Airtel Money App Wallet & Complete the transaction.
That’s it!! Once the Payment has Successful then you Will be Get flat 5% cashback upto Rs 25 in Your Airtel Money Wallet within 2 business days from the day of transaction.
Enjoy this offer 🙂

Paytm Schmitten offer : Rs.10, Rs.15, Rs.20 or Rs.40 Free Paytm Cash On Every Pack Offer :- After Paytm Pepsi & Paytm Nescafe Offer i going to share new paytm Schmitten Chocolate offer- Get Rs. 10 or Rs.15 or Rs.20 or Rs.40 Free Paytm cash on every pack of Schmitten Chocolate. Every time you buy a promo pack of Schmitten Chocolate Rs. 25 (20g) pack, Rs. 40/45 (35g) pack, Rs. 60/65 (50g) pack and rs. 80/85 (70g) pack, you will get an assured Free Paytm cash of Rs. 10 or Rs.15 or Rs.20 or Rs.40 Every Schmitten Pack. This Offer is valid in India from May 10th 2016 to 31st July 2016.

You must purchase of Schmitten chocolate packs bearing paytm logo referred to as “Products” . A single user account can avail the offer thrice in case of Rs 25/- ( 20g), Rs40/45/- (35g) and Rs 60/65/- (50g) SKU and twice in case of Rs 80/85/- (70g) SKU. Paytm User can be use this offer 2 or 3 time usage per single account. How to get this offer just follow the steps :-
Get Rs. 10, Rs.15, Rs.20 or Rs.40 Free Paytm cash on every pack of Schmitten Chocolate
  1. Firstly you have visit any of Nearest store and buy Schmitten Chocolate packs bearing paytm logo referred to as “Products”.
  2. Purcxhase Schmitten Chocolate Rs 25/- ( 20g), Rs40/45/- (35g) and Rs 60/65/- (50g) SKU and twice in case of Rs 80/85/- (70g) SKU.
  3. After purchasing the Schmitten Chocolate look for the 12 digit code. this code inside pack reper.
  4. And you got the unique coupon then Note down and Now we can use it to get Rs.10, Rs.15, Rs.20 or Rs.40 free Paytm cash.
Notes :- Paytm User can be use this offer 2 or 3 time usage per single account. : How To Redeem Paytm Schmitten Coupon Code
  1. Firstly you have visit Paytn Schmitten offer page Using this link.
  2. Now enter your coupon code which you received from the sms.
  3. Login or sing up your Paytm account.
  4. Finally Your Paytm Cash has been added into your Paytm account instantly.
  5. Now you have to go Paytm Website here.
  6. You can use your Paytm cash to do mobile recharge/DTH recharge/ Data card recharge /shopping etc.
Enjoy this paytm loot 🙂

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Paytm DTH Recharge Dhamaka Offer : Get A Chance To Win *Full HD LED TV* Free Of Cost

Paytm DTH Recharge Offer : How To Get A Chance To Win 40+ Inch Full HD LED TV
  1. Firstly you have visit Paytm Website Here.
  2. Login or sing up your Paytm wallet account.
  3. Now select opraitor and fill subscriber number.
  4. Apply this Promo code PAYDTH.
  5. Make the payment and complete the transaction.
  6. Transactions done till 31st May’16 using the promo code PAYDTH will be considered for the Lucky Draw.
  7. 3 lucky winners will be awarded with a 40 + inch full HD LED Tv.
  8. Winners will be announced on 1st August 2016.
This offer is valid from 31st July 2016.

Terms & Conditions:-
  1. This offer is valid for all old and new Paytm users.
  2. Use promocode PAYDTH to avail the offer and to be considered for the Lucky Draw.
  3. User needs to do at least one DTH Recharge of Rs. 100 on Paytm to be eligible for the offer.
  4. Transactions done till 31st May’16 using the promocode PAYDTH will be considered for the Lucky Draw.
  5. Once winners are announced, KYC process will need to be completed.
  6. Paytm reserves the right to disqualify any transaction from participation in this contest.
  7. To increase the chances of winning , user can do one of the following-
  8. Do as many transactions as possible using code PAYDTH.
  9. Do as much value of DTH Recharge as possible using code PAYDTH.This Offer valid only on DTH Recharge.
  10. Gratification is subject to the deduction of TDS as applicable.
  11. Winners will be announced on 1s August 2016.

Pockets by icici – Get Rs 25 cashback on adding Rs 250 to wallet (New Users)

Pockets by icici – How to Get Rs 25 Cashback on adding Rs 250 to Wallet
  1. First of all Download the Pockets App powered by icici 
  2. Register a new account on Pockets App.
  3. Note :- This offer is valid only for new users. 
  4. Now Go to “Funds” and Now Add min. Rs 250 to your pockets wallet.
  5. Apply This Coupon Code :-POCKADD250.
  6. That’s it!! once your coupon code is applied is successfully, Then your Rs 25 Cashback credited your Pockets wallet withon 24 working hours.
Enjoy this extra cashback offer 🙂